Friday, 22 February 2013

Herring Gull Movements

Hot on the heels of yesterdays colour-ringed Waxwing observations Tim Jones sent me some details through of five darvic-ringed Herring Gulls all found within the York Area, four of which he'd found, the other one seen by another York Birder, Mark Killeen.

I've knocked up some maps for three of the birds with more interesting movements.  Two of them have moved over from Scarborough (not mapped), two of them have come from Aberdeen, and one of them, the most interesting, has come from Norway (via Denmark)!

Herring Gull Black darvic, orange code JO220
Initially ringed as pullus at Storøytåa, Mandal, Vest-Agder, Norway on 29.06.2008. Next seen at Hirtshals, Øststranden, Nordjylland, Denmark on 18.11.2008, 02.12.2008, 06.07.2010 and 31.10.2010.  It was then seen again in Denmark on 11.06.2011 nearby at Hanstholm havn, Nordjylland. It then moved back to Norway and was seen on 30.12.2011 at Brennevinsmyra, Mandal, Vest-Agder before Tim saw it at Upper Poppleton on 24.01.2013, cool recovery of an argentatus. Approximate map of the movement below:

View Herring Gull 3 in a larger map

Herring Gull Yellow darvic, black code, T:141
Initially ringed as a third year male at West Tullos industrial estate, Aberdeen on 24.07.2012.  It was next seen at Lincoln Landfill Site, North Hykeham, Lincolnshire on 03.01.2013.  Then seen by Mark Killeen at Rufforth Airfield on 07.02.2013. Approximate map of the movement below:

View Herring Gull in a larger map

Herring Gull Yellow darvic, black code, T:427
Initially ringed as an adult in a Peterculter Garden, Aberdeen on 18.07.2012.  Tim saw it at Upper Poppleton on 25.01.2013.  Approximate map of the movement below:

View Herring Gull 2 in a larger map

The following two movements have not been mapped, but details below for completeness:

Herring Gull Orange darvic, black code 2154
Initially ringed on 30.01.2009 on Seamer Carr landfill, near Scarborough, North Yorkshire, as an adult. Then seen at- Scalby Mills 04.12.2010 and Filey on 06 and 09.04.2011, 07.05.2011, 24.07.2011 and 24.07.2012.  Tim saw it at Upper Poppleton on 24.01.2013

Herring Gull Orange darvic, black code 2923
Initially ringed on Seamer Carr, on the 13.05.2011, as an adult.  The next sighting was Tims at Upper Poppleton on 24.01.2013.

Further reasoning why colour-ringing, darvic-ringing birds is such a useful/interesting tool!

Thanks to Tim and everyone involved.

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