Thursday, 21 February 2013

More Waxwing Movements into York

A couple of weeks back I found a colour-ringed Waxwing at Strensall, York. Got the details through - it was a Welsh-ringed bird - details/maps etc here.

When a decent flock of about 100 Waxwing was found in Acomb, York last week there was yet more excitement when TWO colour-ringed birds (both different to mine) were found in the flock!

Firstly Chris Gomersall photographed another colour-ringed bird in the flock (present on the 14th and 15th February 2013). Yet again this turned out to be a Welsh-ringed bird from Newton, Powys Wales.  Ringed on 16th December 2012. Chris' photo is below and I've knocked up a quick map to show the movement.

Waxwing Photo: Chris Gomersall - reproduced with permission

Waxwing Photo: Chris Gomersall - reproduced with permission

View Waxwing Movement 2 in a larger map

Secondly Nick Moran on the 16th and Tim Jones, Jack Ashton-Booth and Dave-Waudby on the 18th February 2013 recorded a second colour-ringed Waxwing in the same Acomb flock. However this was not a third Welsh-ringed bird, but a Scottish-ringed bird!!  This bird was ringed near Aberdeen on 18th November 2012 before making a short movement up there and subsequently resighted down in the Acomb flock! I don't have any pictures of this bird unfortunately but I've produced a map of the movement below:

View Waxwing Movement 3 in a larger map

Thanks to Chris for allowing me to use his photos and letting me know about the bird, and also to Tim, Jack, Dave and Nick (BTO) for keeping me in the loop with their bird, and also to Raymond of the Grampian Ringing Group and Tony from the Mid-Wales Ringing Group for their quick responses.

I've said it before but this kind of project really shows the value of colour-ringed birds! Check yours out!!!

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