Thursday, 22 July 2010

More Quail Please

Today I was back at another site in Lincolnshire, where I'd previously found a male Montagu's Harrier in the spring. This time I was checking on breeding Barn Owls. Wading through chest/head high nettles and scrub to get to various breeding locations was not much fun however the plentiful moths, butterflies and dragon/damselflies were making the numerous stings and scratches 'OK'.

As we were walking through a grassy headland adjacent to a wheat field we flushed a tiny bird only feet from us - Quail! I don't know who was the most surprised us or it! The Quail flew up, flew round, over a hedge and dropped into another grassy area on the other side of a ditch. Not a very common sight - a bit more alive than the Quail I had 2 weeks ago in East Yorkshire that had come off second best after hitting a car.

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