Thursday, 2 May 2013

Loving the local patch

Just back from another enjoyable evening at North Duffield Carrs. Still lots of Yellow Wagtail around, easily over 60 still. Highlight though was the Blue-headed Wagtail still present. There was a good number of Pied Wagtail (18) and Shelduck (44) an increase in Redshank (14) and a very smart Whimbrel (phone-scoped picture below).

A couple of days ago I found two Shelduck at North Duffield with darvic-rings. Thanks to an update from Craig at NE LDV I got the details of them:

Bird 1: ZL - was ringed on 6th February 2012 at Wheldrake and not seen/caught again until my sighting.

Bird 2: CF - was ringed on 2nd June 2010 at Wheldrake, was present in the LDV last March was was re-caught at Thorganby on 25th March 2013.

I also had another darvic-ringed bird on that date, and at least two today that I couldn't read due to their legs covered in mud!

If you're in the area (or further afield) keep an eye open for darvic-ringed/colour-ringed birds as there's a lot of them about! A total of 52 Shelduck were caught in the LDV this year, with 100 caught last year too...


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