Sunday, 13 October 2013

In hindsight...

In hindsight after the amazing Gannet of Friday night I should have thought, "well that's that I'm not going to get another local year list species for a while", and then gone to the coast for the weekend as I was originally planning to do.

Today was another case of hard labour, or "Character Building" as a friend used to say... I don't like ducks yet seemed to spend most of the day looking at them. "Highlight" was the Common Scoter that remains at Castle Howard. I had only a handful of Redwing and one Fieldfare today.

The real highlight happened early morning as a Peregrine tried to grab a bite of Wood Pigeon for breakfast near the house, very nice view.

Tomorrow I may go to the coast, I don't "need" anything that's been reported so far, but would just to see some birds please!

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