Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Fiji Birds

It was great to be able to go birding in Fiji as part of the Birding Ecotours Pacific Tour. My Trip Report can be found here:

Fiji was a real treat in terms of Fruit Doves, we enjoyed Golden Fruit Dove, Orange Fruit Dove (my personal favourite), Whistling Fruit Dove, and Many-coloured Fruit Dove, along with a wide range of other really great birds, including Silktail and some smart parrots, like Masked, Maroon and Crimson Shining Parrots, and Collared Lory. So many great Myzomela, Flycatchers and Whistlers too.

I'll do a separate post on the Fiji Whistlers and some other species (e.g. Streaked Fantail and Fiji Bush-Warblers) soon as I think these warrant some discussion.

Some photos:

Orange Fruit Dove - simply spectacular 

Fiji White-eye - fairly common

Fiji Woodswallow - fairly common on some islands we visited

Kadavu Fantail - single island endemic (Kadavu)

Kikau - a recent split from the Wattled Honeyeater complex

Many-coloured Fruit Dove - another spectacular Fruit Dove

Masked Shining Parrot -  nice bird but woeful photo in appalling light!
Pacific Kingfisher - common

Pacific Robin - friendly little Robin

Silktail - the taxonomic puzzle!

Silktail - showing the tail

Slaty Monarch - common across all islands we visited

Sulphur-breasted Myzomela - very nice bird

Vanikoro Flycatcher - common

Whistling Fruit Dove - single island endemic (Kadavu)

Chestnut-throated Flycatcher - a very recent (October 2016) split from Azure-crested Flycatcher 

Barking Imperial Pigeon - common

Collared Lory - fairly common but timid

Fiji Parrotfinch - seemed common but tricky to get close enough for a decent photo

The details of the 2017 tour can be found here: 

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