Sunday, 26 September 2010


Good to see the first winter migrants within the local area today in the form of a couple of skeins of Pink-footed Geese powering south (no doubt aided by the wind!) with a couple of loose groups of Redwing also recorded heading south, Skylark over the garden was also heading south.

It's also good to see that the Empidonax (presumed Alder) Flycatcher is still present down at Blakeney, Norfolk - along with a decent supporting cast in the local area ('Western' Bonelli's Warbler, Radde's Warbler, Little Bunting, Richards Pipit, Yellow-browed Warbler, Barred Warbler, Common Rosefinch, and Red-necked and Grey Phalaropes). I wonder if it will hang around until I can get there!???

Also great that the Northern Parula is still up on Tiree, please fly southeast, say 250 miles...

The Pallas's Grasshopper Warbler is apparently still on Fair Isle (with another caught in The Netherlands yesterday), a White's Thrush on Mainland Shetland and a smattering of Hornemann's Arctic Redpoll on islands around Scotland. Interesting birds in Europe in the form of Siberian Stonechat and Rustic Bunting in The Netherlands with the White-winged Lark amazingly still present in Sweden.

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