Friday, 17 September 2010

New Links Added

I've added a range of new links to my blog today including:

The Biggest Twitch: the website detailing Alan Davies and Ruth Miller's new world record. Alan and Ruth visited 27 countries, recording 4,341 species in a year! Awesome stuff, can't wait to get my book!!!

Birding Frontiers: Martin Garner's excellent and thought-provoking website discussing up-to-the-minute UK rarity identification issues of those potentially mega (often difficult to identify species) birds (e.g. Zino's Petrel, Marsh Hawk, Yelkouan Shearwater, American Lapland Bunting, Collared Flycatcher etc...).

Several websites for rarity news, e.g. Birdguides, Rare Birds in Spain and Icelandic Bird Sightings, these might be useful for thinking about what might be the next good bird on the local patch! (will add some more of these from Europe soon e.g. Netfugl's Western Palearctic sightings)

And for some light relief you can't beat Punkbirder, Reservoir Cats, Of Pies and Birds.

Don't forget to check out my friends websites:

Rich Birder: Currently at Lista Bird Observatory, Norway
Binocularface: Cumbria and UK birding
Bob The Birder: Warwickshire and UK birding
Spurn Bird Observatory: Spurn Point

Enjoy them!

Blue-grey Tanager, Costa Rica - no doubt one of the 4,341 species seen on The Biggest Twitch!

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