Monday, 7 March 2011

Bar-tailed Godwit - A lesson learnt!

Today I was happily sat in my office working away on a couple of reports and getting my mapping sorted out for the weeks surveys, this was until I got a text telling me that there was a Bar-tailed Godwit viewable from the Thorganby viewing platform. Not an amazingly rare bird I know, but a scarce annual visitor to the Lower Derwent Valley that would be new for my LDV list (that is currently very much in its infancy).

Bar-tailed Godwit © Terry Fountain 2007.

Now, with the nights drawing out and the fact that I was leaving the office early to pick up the Landrover from the garage I thought I'd drop in on my way past on the way home, one problem NO BINS! Argh!

I thought I'd have a look anyway and hope that either someone else would be there or I'd try and 'naked-eye-it'. No chance! The waders were all distant and the amount of other waders (mainly Golden Plover and Lapwing) were causing too much of a blockage to view adequately.

I've learnt a lesson today and will start carrying my bins around with me I think! I'll try and connect first thing tomorrow if I can get up!

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