Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Black-winged Stilt - YORK

Back on Monday 26th April 2010 I found a Black-winged Stilt on my then local patch, Clifton Backies LNR, York. I found out today, when I checked the British Birds Rarity Committee's Work In Progress list, that my record has been accepted.

According to Wilson & Slack (1996) Rare and Scarce Birds in Yorkshire, there have been 14 records of Black-winged Stilt in Yorkshire (reproduced below) involving 13 birds. Records 6-10 inclusive (May 1991) are considered to pertain to the same bird. Records 12 and 13 (1993) are likewise considered to pertain to the same flock of birds (but different from those in 1991).

  1. 1851: Adult and immature shot at Aike Carr, near Beverley;
  2. Unknown (pre-1907): A bird procured in late spring at Kilnsea;
  3. 1963: One on 1st August at Woodhouse Mill, Sheffield;
  4. 1983: A pair observed displaying and mating on 12th May at Blacktoft Sands;
  5. 1986: One on 17th August at Wilsic, near Doncaster;
  6. 1991: One on 7th and 12th May at Blacktoft Sands;
  7. 1991: One on 7th May at Southfield Reservoir (same bird as above);
  8. 1991: One on 7th May at Broomhill Ings (same bird as above);
  9. 1991: One on 11th May at Flamborough Head (likely same bird as above);
  10. 1991: One on 11th May at Filey Dams (same bird as above);
  11. 1991: One bird on 7th September at Flamborough Head;
  12. 1993: Three birds on 5th May at Welton Water;
  13. 1993: Three birds on 6th May at Wheldrake Ings; and,
  14. 1995: One bird on 10th March over York city-centre (record now not widely accepted).
The Black-winged Stilt recorded at Clifton Backies on 26th April is considered likely to be the same bird that was recorded within the Nosterfield LNR/Quarry on the 25th and 26th and as such represent the 14th and 15th Yorkshire records (allowing for the deletion of the 1995 York city-centre record).

The Clifton Backies bird represents the 3rd North Yorkshire record after the Filey and Wheldrake records, and the 2nd 'York Ornithological Club recording area' record.

Black-winged Stilt © J.J. Harrison 2011

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