Friday, 25 March 2011

Fieldcraft - Learn Some (and new Crane shots)

I awoke this morning to the House Martin doing circuits of my house. Just before I set off for the office I got a message to say that two Common Cranes had been seen near Wheldrake. I had a look on my way into town but couldn't see them. I also got a message to say that the interesting bunting observed at Tophill Low by Rich was a 'yellow' Reed Bunting! A very strange looking bird (see here).

It appears as though the Cranes were moving about the LDV as they were seen at Wheldrake Ings (before been flushed), they were later seen down at North Duffield Carrs before flying back north. Russell managed to get a picture of the birds as they flew north (below).

Common Crane © Russell Slack 2011

Its worth noting if people are going to Wheldrake (and other areas in the LDV) please stay on the path . This is a really obvious big thing that people walk on. As a hint, it follows the river around to Tower Hide and beyond DO NOT WALK OUT ONTO THE MEADOWS.

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