Monday, 7 June 2010

Rare Birds Where and When

The occurrence and successful twitch of the Marmora's Warbler in Gwent this past week and the Lesser Kestrel at Minsmere earlier this year inspired me to look into purchasing a reference material on rare bird status and distribution in the UK, so today I've just ordered a copy of Rare Birds Where and When: An analysis of status and distribution in Britain and Ireland. Volume 1: Sandgrouse to New World Orioles by Russell Slack (pictured below). I can't wait for this book to arrive as it looks packed full of a plethora of facts and figures and has had some really good reviews, as well as winning several top awards (e.g. Birdwatch Magazine: Best Bird Book 2009). I'll hopefully be able to mark up the rares I've seen before as well as plan the next ones I'm likely to see!!!

I've ordered my copy from Hopefully Volume 2: Swans to Auks will be published later this year too. You can view several sample species accounts at the above website (e.g. Blyth's Pipit and Ovenbird amongst others). For each species there is an overview of:
  • Distribution
  • Nomenclature
  • Taxonomy
  • Status
  • Historical Review
  • Occurrence and Arrival Patterns
  • Western Palearctic or European Records

and more...

When it arrives and I've had chance to give it a read through I'll provide my own thoughts on the book here.

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