Sunday, 28 April 2013

Arctic Tern in the hand, in York...

There's been a few Arctic Tern through the York Recording Area over the last few weeks, nowhere near as many as last year (Terntastic: Arctic Bonanza in the LDV), but still better than none.  Heslington East on the outskirts of York has been 'the' location to connect this year.

One of the Arctic Terns was reported as 'showing well' the other week, however today while walking around the site I came across the remains of the bird, which I brought home with me. It's not every day you get an Arctic Tern in the hand, especially this far inland! I took a few photos, below:

Arctic Tern - side profile

Arctic Tern - open wing

Arctic Tern - top view

Arctic Tern - tail view

Arctic Tern - underside view

Arctic Tern - head view

1 comment:

  1. Shame its a goner but great to see some of the detail we dont normally see. Fantastic red bill and its a wonder they can fly with such streamlined wings!
    Fascinating stuff thanks Andy