Thursday, 4 April 2013

More Malaysian Bird Photos

Here are a few more random record shots from Malaysia, these were all taken at various locations around Fraser's Hill and are in no particular order really.

I covered a lot of KMs on foot at this location but the rewards were high so I didn't mind! The bird feeders at the Jelai Hotel were very good for seeing some species close up in the morning.

Long-tailed Broadbill
This was one of a few 'birds of the trip', such a strange looking bird! When observed would often show fairly well, but generally in the mid-storey, rather than low down. I did however find a nesting pair on one of the trails which gave nice views as in the above and below photos.

Long-tailed Broadbill
A great view showing its weird 'ears'!

Little Pied Flycatcher
A great bird, one of my favourites from my last trip to the region. This one found a nice maggot for breakfast! Tiny bird.  This one flew and landed on the ground 1ft in front of me at one stage.

Blue Nuthatch
A difficult species for me to get a photo of as seen in a busy 'bird-wave'. Moves around really quickly so this blurry shot was the best I could do. The fieldguide really doesn't do this species justice. A very smart bird. Saw about 8 of them during the week.

Black-browed Barbet
An ever-present background noise around the forest, this one flew in and gave really good views but more often than not they remained fairly high up and remained elusive, typical of Barbets in the region so it would seem.

Green Magpie
Several seen/heard. This one dropped in to some feeders briefly but only allowed a quick record shot to be grabbed before it flew off. A great looking bird!

Fire-tufted Barbet
This bird has one of the best songs/calls I've ever heard (and I've heard a few!) - imagine a dirt bike going up a hill! It's also a huge beast of a bird but can melt away into the vegetation and just disappear and is very common! Unfortunately this one was flushed by some Malaysian photographers just before I had time to get some better photos.
Orange-bellied Leafbird
Another pretty impressive looking bird! Fairly common at this location and several seen daily. A big fan of the 'bottle brush' tree.

Mugimaki Flycatcher
One impressive bird! This male hung around the same spot for the whole week and would generally show fairly well. There was a lot of them about, often present within the bird-waves. Wouldn't mind finding one of these at Flamborough in the Autumn!

Rufous-browed Flycatcher
This was one I was looking forward to seeing and it didn't let me down! Very common in the forest when the song/call learnt. Generally constantly scolding, especially when the young fledglings were around. A really quick mover low down in the vegetation near the forest floor, generally in dark places!

Rufous-browed Flycatcher
Annoyed at me by the look of it!

Silver-eared Mesia
Fairly common, especially when near the bird feeders, but always a surprise when bumped into when deep in some forest! Another cracking looking bird.

Silver-eared Mesia
Despite being common was difficult to get a decent picture as they never sat still for very long!

Spectacled Laughingthrush
A really smart bird and nice and common too, though a bit of a pain in bird-waves when its large broad wingspan would keep attracting my eye when I was trying to look for the rarer species!

White-throated Fantail
Very common and generally very showy, though often in the forest and in the near-dark so nice to see on the forest edge to get a shot. Constantly on the move fanning its tail as you'd probably guess. Nice song too.


  1. More spectacular birds!!

    This might be a silly question but when you were out there did you know what the birds were when you saw them or did you take photos and research them using a bird book of some kind?

    Lou :)

    1. Thanks Lou. I knew some of them from sight when I saw them as I'd looked through the bird book for Malaysia before going, but for some I had to look at the book whilst there. I took some photos of birds that I wasn't 100% on (e.g. rare ones/raptors high up in flight) to get a second opinion where necessary! Also made some sound recordings of some birds that I heard but can't work out what they were!

  2. Andy, the long-tailed broadbill is the only broadbill that wears a 'helmet' ....good photos!

    1. Cheers Weng Chun, yeah a great looking bird, one of my favourites from the trip I think!