Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Some Malaysian Bird Photos

Here are a few random record shots of some Malaysian birds from my recent birding trip - These ones are from Taman Negara and are in no particular order!

Banded Broadbill -
This was the only one seen well, but several others were heard. Was higher up in trees than Black-and-Yellow/Black-and-Red Broadbills (below) and gave me a bit of a run around before I finally got good views of it!

Black-and-Yellow Broadbill - 
This was one I really wanted to see and as if by magic it was the first bird I put my bins on during my first afternoons walk into the jungle at Taman Negara! Was very pleased to say the least. Great bird and several seen/heard during my stay. 

Black-and-Red Broadbill - 
A very common species, several seen daily, however seemed shy and was difficult to even get a half-decent record shot and to see the intricacies of the plumage detail/lower mandible colouration, both just about visible here.

Crested Fireback - 
Simply stunning! Fairly common around the Mutiara. The males were impressive when they were displaying and they have a cool contact mumble. They also pretty much stand their ground and you have to walk around them! Always an impressive sight when you walk round the corner of a trail and come face to face with one - especially so at dawn/dusk!

Buffy Fish Owl - 
What a bird! This one was roosting behind my room and was seen several times. One of my favourite owls in the world!

Lesser Fish Eagle - 
Several seen along the River Tahan during a boat trip. Always nice to see a Fish Eagle

Malaysian Blue Flycatcher - 
Several seen along the River Tahan, always very close to water, giving the impression of a small blue kingfisher as they fly low over the river. 

Orange-breasted Trogon - 
Flew in and sat next to me on the top of the hill despite it being stacked out with loads of loud tourists! My fourth species of Trogon on the trip after seeing Red-naped (below), Scarlet-rumped and Diard's Trogons.

Red-naped Trogon - 
My first 'oriental' Trogon - what a bird, and a decent sized one too! This one flew right up to me and gave some nice views for half and hour.

Yellow-rumped Flycatcher - 
One of my 'birds of the trip' as they are simply stunning and there was tonnes of them in a wide range of  ages/plumage. Often appeared in fruiting trees where it was seen to eat fruit as well as catch insects disturbed by the fruit-eating birds (e.g. various Bulbuls).


  1. Lovely shots Andy, they certainly do beat my tits! I guess birding back in the UK will be a little dull since Malaysia!

    1. Thanks Eve! Yeah I'm not going birding here till it hits at least 15oC and there's something other than ducks to look at!

  2. Wow!! What a wonderfully colourful bunch of birds! Incredibly envious of this trip!

    Brilliant photos :)