Sunday, 1 December 2019

Peru - Birding in Lima

After a couple of weeks in and around Cusco it was time to come back to Lima ahead of my flight to my next destination, Cali in Colombia. But before that I had time for a morning birding in Lima. I've spent several days birding around the city with Eduardo before (see last post) so wasn't expecting too much in terms of 'new' birds, but several year ticks and some spectacular resident species.

However, things never usually go as planned in birding and we ended up seeing a bit of a rarity, and a very unusual bird, as well as the usual amazing specials... Read on!

On arrival at some wetlands near the city we started scanning around and immediately found this gorgeous Chilean Flamingo, a nice surprise (it was a bit of a rarity where we were), and a bonus lifer! 

Chilean Flamingo

Chilean Flamingo

However, the strangest bird we found was this totally out of range Red-crested Pochard! A species that should be in Europe/Africa/Asia etc. I'd be keen to have any information on any other South American records. This bird looked pretty wild, no sign of anything too dodgy about it.... other than being a floater!  

Red-crested Pochard

The marshes and wetlands around Lima contain some great birds and we had excellent looks at lots of them. Such as Many-coloured Rush Tyrant, Peruvian Thick-knee, Great Grebe, White-tufted Grebe and Inca Tern, to name but a few. 

Many-coloured Rush Tyrant

Peruvian Thick-knee
Great Grebe

Great Grebe (young)

White-tufted Grebe

Inca Tern

Kelp Gull

Little Blue Heron

Puna Ibis

Cinnamon Teal

Amazilia Hummingbird

After this it was time to fly to Colombia for some more birding!

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